Senior Payroll Specialist Progression update

Posted January 10, 2012 by Alex Scott

The working group has put together a Senior Payroll Specialist Progression document to be used as the basis for our negotiations with Queensland Health.  This document includes the Senior Payroll Specialist Position Description as well as the criteria and evidence for progression to AO4.  This document is not the final outcome but will be used as a starting point for discussions with the Department.  This is your chance to have a say in whether you support the proposed document as a starting point for moving forward.

Do you agree with using the Senior Payroll Specialist Progression Document to be used for negotiations with Queensland Health?  Yes   No
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You will need to also record your name and member number.

The survey on the Senior Payroll Specialist job description has been extended to close on this Friday, 20 January.

Senior Payroll Specialist - Payroll and Establishment Service


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