Send an email now to stop the attack on your entitlements

Posted on May 11, 2015

In a spectacular backflip, Tony Abbott has turned his back on working parents and paid parental leave (PPL) in the lead up to today's 2015 Federal Budget announcement.

The current Federal PPL scheme was designed to provide all working parents with at least a minimum leave entitlement and to complement workers' existing parental leave entitlements.

Now Joe Hockey claims that workers are 'double-dipping' by accessing the government scheme and their employer entitlements.  This attack on honest working parents is outrageous, hypocritical and fundamentally incorrect.

Sign the petition and send Joe Hockey an email right now, before he stands up tonight to deliver his budget speech.

Existing parental leave entitlements were won through the efforts of union members past and present campaigning to win such improvements from employers.  

The Federal scheme was implemented to be an addition to existing entitlements.

Neither the 18 weeks government PPL nor many employer based schemes cover the 6 months that health experts and the Productivity Commission shows we should be spending with our newborns - so parents use the government's PPL to top up their employer based entitlements.

Because this is what the scheme is designed to do.

How can Mr Abbott justify this backflip when he went to the last two elections with his platform policy to significantly increase paid parental leave to six months at salary?

Tell Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey that using guaranteed paid parental leave is not "double dipping" and they should stop this attack on working parents.

PS. The Queensland Parliament is looking at a bill to restore rights at work. Make sure your voice is heard and spread the message to the politicians: bring on the vote!

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