Schools: Your work matters

Posted on September 24, 2018

I have just returned from Toowoomba where a fantastic group of Together members from across the South-East (and even one of our fantastic delegates from Mt Morgan!) rallied outside the cabinet meeting in Toowoomba. We were seen and heard by several ministers and Minister DeBrenni and Minister Jones came to say hello. Unfortunately we didn't see Minister Grace or the Premier however we hope our message will be carried through their colleagues and from the media who were there. An enormous congratulations and thanks to all the members involved this morning, you were loud and proud – Recognise, Respect, Your work Matters!


We may receive an offer this week. If we do we will send it out to you all, however, at this stage the government do not appear to be moving from their 0% wage offer to the lowest levels.

We haven’t seen any movement yet on job security or the majority of our other claims. Delegates may need to give an immediate reaction to the offer this week so make sure you give your feedback about the claims that matter to your delegates or send me a message at this address.

If the offer is going to be as we expect, and have not much in it,  here are 2 things you can do today:

  1. Use  this form to email the Minister directly and ask her to explain how the wages offer would impact you, and add your thoughts about the other claims that need to be addressed. It would be great if 1000 members could do that this week! I realise many members are on school holidays so that’s why it would be fantastic if anyone who isn't could do this today. You can personalise your email as you wish, talk about the need for your roles to be recognised.
  2. Vote in the next Protected Action Ballot. If we need to escalate our action and send an even stronger message in October then we need to be ready to potentially stop work for longer. Voting in this ballot does not mean that this will happen automatically, it just gives you the option should it be required. The Protected Action Ballot email will go tomorrow (Tuesday 25 September) and will close on Monday 8 October.

We are stronger together and what you and your colleagues do now will shape your wages and conditions for the next 3 years and beyond. You matter, your work matters and your colleagues know this too!

Well done everyone, we'll keep going.

PS. We have some updated information about your award adjustment increase pay. We now understand that most areas of the Department of Education will receive this payment on or about 24 October. Members in OIR may receive this pay around 10 October.

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