Schools: Term 4 Update

Posted on October 3, 2017

It's Term 4 already and there is a lot going on for union members in Schools. Please have a read of the updates below and make sure you sign our petition to the Minister about job security.

Job Security – Temporary to Permanent: We need to act NOW

Over the school holidays we have been progressing negotiations about making sure that members who have temporary hours or temporary roles are made permanent. Unfortunately we have not been able to make real progress on the important issues in dispute. 

Your work is important. You will be and are needed in your schools and by our community. The Department needs to address these issues in applying the Temporary Employment Directive and we are still waiting for advice about how the rules will be applied to school-based staff who are eligible for review.

We have given the Department until the end of this week - Friday 6 October - to make clear their position statement about who they believe is eligible to be made permanent or not.

In the meantime what we are doing to keep the pressure on is this:

  1. Every individual member who has completed their survey and who has more than 2 years' worth of temporary hours working in the same or similar role, we will make an individual application for you to be made permanent. Look out for your draft letter from the union office if you have completed the survey – we will email it to you and try and give you a call about it. You will be asked to check your letter before we send it in to make sure it is accurate. Email us at if you have questions. If you have not yet done the survey and you are temporary please fill in the survey by Friday 13 October HERE. If the Department then do not accept members' claims for permanent employment we will talk to you about lodging an appeal to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to ask them as the independent umpire to make a decision. 
  2. All members please sign the petition to the Minister here asking her to intervene and have the government policy of employment security applied to school based staff.

Science Operations Officers

At the end of last Term we had a great meeting with Minister Kate Jones and she committed to progressing a review of the SOO role and recognising the complexity and necessity of your jobs as a curriculum resource in schools.

The first meeting of Together delegates with the Workforce Resourcing team to look at the PDs is happening on Tuesday 10th of October. Yay!

While the Minister was supportive we need all government MPs to be on board to secure an election commitment about properly resourcing and paying science staff appropriately. 

Use this form today to send an email to your local MP about your essential roles and why you should be paid as Technical Officers and funded appropriately.

Agricultural Assistants

The Review of Agricultural Assistants roles will commence this term. We are waiting for the first meeting date to be confirmed. Contact organiser David Wotton for more information on

ADO Agreements

Term 4 is when you reconcile your ADO agreements from this year. Remember if you are not able to take all the ADO you have accrued this year then you can be paid out that amount. First you need to see if you can make a plan to take all your hours this term or it will be paid out to you (The relevant section of your EB is in Appendix 7, Part 4, section 4.1.5 of the State Government Entities Certified Agreement 2015). Your ADO Agreement will then be re-established for the 2018 school year in Term 1. 

Schools Officers

Remember to check in and get your Certificate III before the end of this Term if you haven't already!

It's hot outside! Staying safe at work means keeping up with wearing your sun smart gear, drinking water and taking rests when you need to to stay cool. Please do our survey about sun smart uniforms here.


The Attraction and Retention working party for therapy staff will next meet in October. Remember we have our report back teleconference for Therapists on Wednesday 4 October at 3:00pm (note the change in time!)

Please send us stories of how your grants are being used if you haven't already. We hope to have an update on mapping across position descriptions in the next few weeks – an exciting time looking at these opportunities to better value your roles!

State election

There is a lot happening for members with a state election imminent. As a union, in the last two years we have seen a record investment in school support staff and we want to see even more. This term we will be asking members to get involved in the combined unions campaign called 'Stand for Queensland' – asking politicians to make commitments about secure jobs, fair wages, no loss of services and no contracting out or privatisation. 

If you want to know more about the Stand for Queensland campaign and how you can get involved email us here at

1800 177 244