Schools: Negotiations

Posted on June 11, 2018

Tomorrow all our eyes and ears will be tuned to the state budget – we'll see if a change in government wages policy is announced or any other packets of funding identified for your important work in schools. We'll update you all on Wednesday once we have had an opportunity to scrutinise the papers. Stay tuned!

Report Back – Wages Matter Meetings

It has been great to see so many members come along to our Wages Matter! Campaign meetings in the last couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who braved the cold! It was important to see such a strong showing with our colleagues from United Voice. A great thing to have everyone saying wages matter loud and clear – together with one united voice as one delegate put it at Strathpine!

You can see some photos from the events on our Facebook page here.

EB Negotiations Start on Wednesday

On Wednesday 13 June we have our first negotiation meeting with the Department. This week will focus on therapists and the key issues for therapy staff around pay parity  and resources. We will also hand over a 'without prejudice' version of our claims noting that they are not final until after Friday 22 June.

Remember to have a read of the claim document we have now and send your feedback in via email to by Thursday 21 June at the latest (that's next week!).

Only union members have a say about what is presented in negotiations.

We expect that the Department will not give a formal response this week. We hope to be able to schedule topics for discussion for each meeting between now and the end of August this week as well.

Reviews deliver big back pay!

In excellent news  the reviews union delegates have pushed for in to both Agricultural Assistants pay and conditions and Science Operations Officers pay and conditions have already delivered with back pay.

Following an assessment of the qualifications and length of service for these officers (21 people in total) the Department has now back-paid $81,496 in unpaid wages to Agricultural Assistants and $18,647 to Science Operations Officers.

Without union delegates continuing to ask for improvements this would not have happened. Well done to Peter, Toni, Andrew, Sandra, Megan, Nikki, Wendy and all the delegates who made this happen.

Schools Officers PPE

The Organisational Health and Wellbeing area have arranged to ensure that all schools officers have the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This should always  be provided to you to ensure you can safely do your work.

In a recent survey run by our union it was highlighted that many schools officers did not have the required PPE and Perry Mitchell has been raising this issue with the Department. Organisational Health and Wellbeing listened and they have sought to advise schools and also take further steps. Here is the process (based on the previous email to schools):

Afternoon All,

Further to the previous email regarding the purchase of PPE for school officers and cleaners, please see below for the required purchasing process.

Please purchase the PPE from one of the preferred suppliers on the Departments Standing Offer Arrangement, such as RSEA Safety or Work Wear Group.  

Step 1:

a. Call the supplier and make an order.  Please phone a RSEA store or Work Wear Group and order over the phone the equipment you require.   

b. You can find a store closest to you on the RSEA Safety website or Work Wear Group                 

c. You will have to set up an account to do this as you have to purchase on account. 

Step 2:             

a. Request a Tax Invoice on purchase in favour of Organisational Safety and Wellbeing, Attention Melanie McGaw

b. Request the tax invoice be sent directly to  Dee Burgess, Executive Services Officer, Organisational Safety and Wellbeing  at

c. Dee will process the invoice for payment. 

The school must supply evidence of the goods being received back in the school, that is, the officer purchasing the items must get an officer back at the school to sight the goods and sign "goods received".

Great to see the Organisational Health and Wellbeing team taking such strong action to support staff!

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