Schools: ICYMI – Important update – employment status

Posted on November 11, 2021

Last week the Department announced phase two of the permanent conversion process for long term employees with temporary hours.

Included in this phase are:

  • permanent school support staff who have worked additional temporary hours for over two years
  • temporary school support staff with greater than two years' service

Yesterday the Department announced to schools that eligible temporary staff will have their contracts extended to the end of term 1, to ensure they can be considered for conversion to permanent in this process.

As a union member you might have questions about this process. To help us understand your situation, complete this surveyor contact us at for advice.

If you do not fall into these groups, you may still be entitled to a review of your employment status under the Public Service Act 2008 and Department of Education Certified Agreement 2019Download our fact sheet on temporary employment to find out more.

Congratulations on this win – you have been pushing for improved access to permanency and this would not be happening without your efforts.

Union members supporting each other is a great way to see improvements for everyone!

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