Schools - End of term 2 update

Posted on June 25, 2021

It’s the last day of term 2 – well done on completing another term! A quick update before school holidays begin.

ADO Agreements

Many Together members in schools will be accessing their ADO over the school vacation period. It’s important that you know how ADO works and that you have a say in your ADO agreement.

The Together ADO Fact Sheet answers many tricky ADO questions but if you have more questions, you can get in touch at


This term the department committed to offering permanency to very long term temporary and casual staff with over four years of continuous service. Hundreds of employees have been made permanent through this process. It is great to see improved employment security in the Department of Education after your campaigning on these issues for many years.

We are continuing to advocate for increased permanency all Department of Education employees.

One group that wasn’t covered by this term’s bulk conversion is permanent part time staff with long term additional temporary hours. If you have some permanent hours but have worked additional hours for more than two years, you can apply for conversion under section 9.6 of your collective agreement:

9.6. Permanent Part-Time Employees Generally

9.6.1. A permanent part-time employee who has for a period of two consecutive years, regularly worked temporary hours in addition to their permanent hours, may apply to have the additional temporary hours regularly worked converted to permanent hours.

Your union office can advice whether this applies to you – email to find out more.

Administration of Medication

Members provided a large volume of feedback for the department about the administration of medication in schools. We have addressed these concerns with the department and are seeking changes to the policy to ensure medication is administered safely to students and without risk to our members. 

Schools Support Staff Recognition Week

Lastly, remember that School Support Staff Recognition Week is coming up in week 6 next term, 16-20 August. It’s a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate all the amazing work you do to make education happen in every one of your roles at every school across the state.

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