SCHHS: DO NOT complete conflict of interest declarations

Posted on June 26, 2020

Members in the Allied Health Directorate have forwarded information from the department that directs members to complete a Conflict of Interest Declaration.

In perusing the supporting documents such as the Conflict of Interest (COI) procedure, Trade Union membership is cited as a 'Non Pecuniary' conflict of interest. This is essentially forcing employees to declare their Union membership.

We have contacted the department and have been advised that any direction to complete a COI declaration is now on hold until Union concerns are addressed.

To force an employee to declare Trade Union membership is a breach of an employees right to privacy, a breach of Union encouragement provisions and could be argued as being discriminatory by identifying that attribute to the employer.


If any members have already completed a COI form and have declared Union membership it is within your rights, and the Together union office strongly encourages you, to write to the HHS and demand that your declaration be destroyed and request evidence from the employer that it has been destroyed.

If you have any concerns or inquiries about this issue please don’t hesitate to contact your local organiser, Jim Nilon, at or myself at

1800 177 244