Santa and Caseload Benchmarks

Posted December 13, 2011 by Alex Scott

The work you do with Queensland's most vulnerable children is truly amazing. Having spoken to you on many occasions I know that your jobs must be incredibly difficult and challenging, but the way you are all so committed to making a better world for these young people is truly an inspiration.

At Christmas time, while hopefully you all get a moment to spend with your own families and friends and take a bit of well-earned rest, there is also something to celebrate.

We know many of you are already aware but in very exciting news after many, many years of campaigning by hardworking Child Safety union members the DG has signed off on some new workload management tools for Child Safety Officers. These tools, and the broader Workload Management Guide for Child Safety Service Centres, establish a system of reasonable caseload benchmarks - which is a huge victory to be celebrated and then implemented over the coming year - along with holistic methods to allocate complexity and intensity ratings to cases and also an escalation process that Child Safety Officers can use to formally raise their workload concerns.

So here's to a festive season with some rest and relaxation and thank you to all of you for your magnificent work in the community and particularly on behalf of Queensland kids.

We have been stronger together and now a comprehensive workload management system for Child Safety Officers will mean a better service in to the future for Queensland children, their families and for the workers who support them every day.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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