Same wages. Same conditions. A win for workers and TMR

Posted December 16, 2011 by Alex Scott

Together members campaigned for much of 2011 to see all TMR staff be brought under a single collective agreement in order to restore wage balance and harmonise conditions for all TMR workers.

TMR has recently indicated that they wish to utilise a provision of the Core EB Agreement to transfer all employees of the five 'core' divisions of the department into EDA7.  Together negotiators have sought commitments that these employees would not lose any entitlements and conditions and the DG of TMR has provided his assurances in writing.

Together TMR council delegates have considered this request and voted to support the move as it resulted in the achievement of one of the cornerstone issues from this year's TMR EDA8 campaign - harmonisation of wages and conditions under a single collective agreement.

The letter from the DG confirms that all current conditions in the Core EB that are superior to EDA7 will be protected and continue to operate and EDA7 conditions that are better than Core EB conditions will apply to employees of the five 'core' divisions (outlined below) from the date the department receives a response in writing from Together.

The first wage increase that arises from either agreement or arbitration will then apply to existing EDA7 employees from 1 July 2011 and for employees of the five 'core' divisions who join EDA7 from the 14 December 2011.  Future pay rises for all TMR employees will apply from 1 July 2012 and 1 July 2013.

Further negotiations will occur in January 2012 which will enable issues for the five 'core' divisions to be worked through and form part of any new / replacement agreement.


What does this really mean for me?

If you are currently employed under the Core EB your conditions will change however you will not lose any conditions as a result of this change.  You will gain access to some superior EDA7 conditions from the 14 December 2011.  And you may receive the next pay increase a few months earlier than what you would have if you remained under the Core EB.  Employees under EDA7 were recently awarded an interim pay increase as part of their recent collective bargaining campaign.  This means they are now paid the same as you are under the Core EB. 

TMR staff working in the following five 'core' TMR divisions were covered by the Core EB -

1. Rail Ports &Freight

2. Passenger Transport

3. Rail Safety & Transport Security

4. Maritime Safety Queensland (excluding employees of this division not covered by the Core EB)

5. Transport Service Delivery

If you are currently employed under EDA7 there will be no change to your conditions.  You are currently paid the same as someone at the same classification under the Core EB.  However everyone in the Department will soon have same conditions, so if you were considering taking a job at level or promotion in one of the five divisions currently covered by the Core EB then you will now not lose any conditions by transferring to that area.


Senior TMR delegate retires Today

In other news long serving Main Roads and TMR employee, union member and Together Council Delegate Terry Crimston retires from TMR today.

Terry has helped hundreds of Main Roads and TMR workers and union members throughout his 37 year career with the department. He  played a pivotal role in this year's TMR EDA8 campaign as a Steering Committee delegate and member of the Negotiating Committee.

Terry will be missed by his colleagues and Together members, fellow delegates and officials.

I know you'll all join me in wishing Terry all the best in his retirement and thanking him for his dedication and commitment to his fellow workers through his strong and unwavering union work.

He plans to continue his involvement in the TMR EDA8 campaign by seeing through the arbitration process during his early retirement.


*At this stage the blue collar employees (Engineering Award and Civil Constructions Award) are continuing their negotiations for a single collective agreement to cover them and this would mean some 1500 TMR workers may end up covered by an agreement separate to EDA7 and/or its replacement.  The overwhelming majority of all TMR staff however will be covered by EDA7 with the same access to the wages and conditions.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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