Safety at BYDC

Posted on May 3, 2017

Last week your union was in the Industrial Relations Commission regarding BYDC staffing shortages and the rights of union members to address safety issues in their workplace.

Following that, I took the issues you have been having about resourcing to the media. It's clear that there are both funding and staffing issues in youth detention that the government needs to fix to ensure you have a safe workplace. 

There is too much at stake not to get this right. Coming out of the Commission, there will be further discussions about the best protocols for raising safety concerns including staffing shortages. We will continue to keep members updated as this progresses.

Last week, there were also announcements regarding two reviews into youth detention – a review of the Cleveland riot, and a review into youth detention as a whole. We don’t have any further information at this stage, but any changes to youth detention must be in consultation with frontline union members. You deserve to have a say on anything that impacts on your important work. 

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