Review of the public service announced.

Posted on July 20, 2018

The government has just announced a review into the public service, to be chaired by Peter Coaldrake.

We welcome the news that the government is addressing the accuracy of their employee numbers data. Currently the rules encourage and reward departments that misuse labour hire and contracting arrangements, when they should be employing permanent public servants instead.

This situation must be stopped – we need to change the rules.

The announcement of this review gives Together members a chance to change the rules in the Queensland public service. Public servants in Queensland work hard to deliver vital services, in roles that are not always well-resourced or supported by their management. We can't allow bad management practices and bad rules around recruitment, job security, and classifications to make your jobs harder.

All public servants in Queensland deserve fair treatment by their employer. To secure this, all members should be involved in this year's collective bargaining campaign – I urge you to be involved and ask your colleagues to join.

It is good news that the government has mentioned respecting employment security in its message – your valuable work must be respected. As union members we will need to be vigilant in ensuring that this commitment to employment security is made real through proper consultation and engagement with staff throughout the review.

I also note that the government has communicated with staff about a new draft code of conduct. We have serious concern as a union that, despite their mention of "union consultation", the version of the code that has been circulated was not one that your union representatives have seen. The union office has already provided feedback on earlier versions of this draft code including necessary changes and will continue to do so. We are continuing to urge more consultation on this draft code.

As a union member you will never walk alone. You can contact the union office or your local delegates with concerns about changes in your workplace. This review highlights the need for everyone to be a union member, so talk to your colleagues about joining today.

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