Results of the member poll on the Education offer

Posted on December 17, 2018

I hope that you have all had a great weekend.

The result of the poll is that we had just over 51% of members casting a vote with 43.49% voting yes and 56.51% voting No, which means the majority of members have voted in favor of not accepting the offer. Delegates have accepted this result and we will advise the employer accordingly.

This was an amazing voting turnout during a difficult period to contact people. Clearly members are engaged in the issues that are being discussed and while it is good to see movement on important points like the HP transition for therapists, translation for TOs and improved permanency, members still have many concerns about what was left out, particularly the lack of action on wages and a lack of clarity in relation to other issues.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will continue our conciliation meetings with the employer. Our position in negotiations is that everything that has been offered to you as part of the agreement should stay on the table as agreed matters and we should continue to address the remaining points that were not addressed in the offer.

We will be sending a mailout to all members with information about the agreement and the latest from negotiations and delegates will be meeting again in the new school year.

Please take a moment to congratulate yourself – your campaign has been strong and your work has seen movement from the department. You are all amazing and we will continue to update everyone over the new year. You can continue to email with your questions and concerns.

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