Response from CHQ CEO to urgent requests

Posted on February 26, 2015

On Friday we sent your list of urgent actions to CHQ CEO Fionnagh Dougan. The CEO appears to be taking your concerns very seriously and convened an urgent meeting of the executive on Monday to discuss them and we have received this response last night.

The responses from management don't agree to everything you asked for - for example, directly employed ward staff and a commitment to additional administration staff immediately - but there has been positive progress on some of these matters, such as additional funding for secondment of regional nurses and commitments to review workload and administrative staffing.

Please see the response here and provide your feedback or suggestions on what would help to resolve these issues to In particular, management has asked for further clarity on actions you believe are required in regards to outsourced services.

Some of your requests are difficult to resolve at a local HHS level and require intervention from the Department of Health as the System Manager. That is why on Monday we again wrote to the Director-General of Health seeking his intervention.

With the announcement today that the Director-General, Mr Ian Maynard will not be continuing in this role we look forward to raising these issues with the new or acting Chief Executive as soon as this is announced. 

Thank you again for your tireless efforts to build a better LCCH for the children and families of Queensland. 

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