Respect the Risk - your campaign update.

Posted on July 19, 2019

Since members agreed to arbitration, and therefore ceased all industrial action, we've been hard at work ensuring you get recognised for the job you do to protect the community and make the government Respect The Risk.

Today we've written to Minister Mark Ryan seeking an independent review into Corrections. We've been successful in highlighting the issue of overcrowding in the media. However this also raises the problem of assaults on staff and other serious incidents being 'downplayed' to avoid unfavourable scrutiny. We believe a full review needs to take place. See the letter here.

We've also written to the Minister seeking an interim pay rise while we await the arbitration of your agreement. You can see that letter here. If you haven't already, please also send an email to the Minister about this. You can use the text available here.

We've just been advised that Friday 2 August will be a 'mention' to set the dates for the arbitration hearings. We have also been advised that Deputy President Merrell, Industrial Commissioner Hartigan and Industrial Commissioner Power will hear the matter.

In addition to the arbitration matters:

  • The Use of Force Project Consultative Committee have been continuing their work. General Manager, Women and Safer Custody Tamara Bambrick has reported that staff keep raising the same things: staff don't receive enough training, they are not trained in the right techniques and we want better communications skills in order to de-escalate situations. Consultation is ongoing, so keep letting Tamara know what we need when she visits your centre. This is your chance to have input.
  • The department has definitely identified the issue with superannuation underpayments. If you haven't been contributing the additional 5% to your super, the department should have been contributing at least 9.5% of your Ordinary Time Earnings into your super. Work is underway to rectify this for all individuals affected.

Your local delegates are coming to Brisbane for a training day with over 40 delegates from around the state on 30 July. We will be looking forward to hearing from delegates across all centres about your experiences and what we can do to keep moving forward as the arbitration goes ahead.

As always your job is important and we will be focusing on how we can emphasise the value of what you do and the seriousness of the risks you face.

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