Report on the DEWS ACC Meeting held on 26 June 2015

Posted on June 29, 2015

  • AQS Electromagnetic Radiation Report on Mineral House.

If any staff have concerns or Q’s about the report generally or the readings for their particular work station specifically, DEWS is happy for the affected staff to contact AQS through Mandy Hendry, Manager WHS. Mandy will then advise you further of relevant contact details for the AQS provider. You can also access a copy of the report through Mandy.

  • Union encouragement

The DEWS EMT has been briefed by HR on the new Queensland government Union Encouragement Policy:

HR is reviewing current induction processes and liaising with Queensland Shared Services regarding point of engagement procedures to ensure compliance with the new policy.

There is also liaison occurring with Public Sector Industrial and Employment Relations (PSIER) regarding proposals related to Union encouragement at the point of and post engagement of new public sector staff. Michael will brief DEWS HR on the outcomes once known.

  • Building Maintenance issues

Union delegate, Tony Collins, briefed the ACC on complaints he had been receiving from various staff regarding a number of ongoing issues including:

  • Water penetration (Level 3)
  • Fire Door not closing, risking fire escape inaccessibility due to smoke invading stairwell in event of fire (Level 3) – Initially reported back in April, then reported as a WHS Hazard early June
  • Lift foyer surface issues (Level 5) resulting in 9 slip/fall incidents

Manager WHS reported to the ACC water penetration repair work being undertaken on Level 4 to address the Level 3 issue. Related mould issues will then be rectified after the water penetration has been addressed.

Timely and effective repairs to address these issues are not happening so the ACC agreed that a separate meeting should be held with relevant Union/Building Security/DNRM Accommodation and WHS reps to try and resolve the matter. This meeting should take place in 3 weeks’ time and your Union delegates will report back on the outcome of that meeting.

  • DEWS Health and Wellbeing action plan

The Manager, WHS also delivered a short presentation on a number of initiatives including the related DEWS action plan and staff survey. For more information, go to:


  • DEWS financial support to engineering staff

Further to the previous ACC reports on this matter, DEWS has now published its Guideline on financial assistance to those staff undertaking BPEQ assessment and registration. The Guideline is now published on the DEWS intranet at:


  • Publication of DEWS ACC meeting summary in the DEWSLETTER

DEWS HR has agreed to publish a summary of ACC meeting outcomes in the next DEWSLETTER as a way of promoting awareness of the ACC to non-Union staff. 

  • Next ACC meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday 25 September 2015. If you have any issues you would like your DEWS delegates to raise on your behalf at that meeting, please email those issues to or

1800 177 244