Report Back on our Meeting Today with the Griffith University VC!

Posted on May 22, 2020

Delegates and Together staff met with Professor Carolyn Evans and Chief People Officer Kirsty Dwyer this afternoon.

Following our members meeting on Wednesday, we were pleased to acknowledge that the University was not seeking to adopt the 'framework' proposed by the NTEU and some Vice Chancellors and that instead a local consultative approach will be undertaken.

This is welcome, as some of the measures in the framework were significantly detrimental, and may be unnecessary in the context of Griffith's particular situation. The university leadership indicated that "the framework did not allow for local tailoring and had a national expert panel not local discussions."

Professor Evans confirmed that change will be coming however, and as she has foreshadowed in her staff communications, there will be restructuring and a reduction in overall staff numbers when looking ahead to 2021.

Professor Evans committed to sticking to the current requirements in your EBA to consult with staff. Any proposed variations to the EBA would be presented with at least one week's notice if there were any changes proposed (the university would not be seeking to sneak a change through with 24 hours' notice!) – which was good to hear.

The university leadership are talking about proposed changes that are going to the Executive next week and then they would be shared with representatives potentially towards the end of next week.

It is likely that the change process will commence in July and continue through the second half of the year with the formal consultation period likely to be November with decisions in December.

Your ASU Together delegates at Griffith – Denise Redfern, Darryl Rosin, Chris Weckerle and Sandra Kalms are doing a great job of putting questions and concerns forward so do contact them or us at the union office via

We will receive further written communication about the processes soon and we'll share those with members.

We know it's a difficult time with these discussions coming up – we are here for you. Your work is essential.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 177 244 or

1800 177 244