Red Cross: Your new agreement

Posted on September 11, 2020

Your new EBA has been voted up by workers at Red Cross Life Blood in a very close ballot; 51% to 48% (88 voted yes – 82 voted no).

Since the ballot was successful, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood will be preparing to lodge the agreement with the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Once it has been approved by the FWC the pay increases and implementation will be able to occur. We will let you know of those timeframes as information comes to hand.

There is always a lot of information and activity when bargaining is going on. It's important to keep being active and involved to ensure the agreement is implemented and issues in your workplace are addressed through the life of the agreement. Ask your colleagues to join you as a member of Together so you can make the most out of this new agreement. Don’t forget that union fees are tax deductible and you have access to hundreds of member benefits and savings on everyday items.

Make sure you keep an eye on the regular updates we will send you and let us know of any concerns that arise. You can always get in contact with your union by emailing or calling 1800 177 244 and speaking directly to one of our experienced staff. Remember you have access to advice, support and representation.

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