Red Cross Lifeblood proposes cuts in your new Agreement.

Posted on May 27, 2021

Lifeblood has proposed significant cuts in the new proposed National Agreement.

The new Agreement fails to include:

  1. Fair pay and incremental progression;
  2. Casual job security with a conversion process;
  3. A rigorous dispute process with compulsory arbitration;
  4. Meaningful consultation when Lifeblood is considering making a change;
  5. Safe workload protections, as the proposal averages working hours over six months instead of 38 hours per week; and,
  6. Appropriate penalty rates. Employees could work 6 am until 6 pm in one day and won’t get paid overtime unless their average working hours exceed 38 hours per week.

The proposed Agreement also creates a two-tier system with some employees maintaining superior entitlements while other employees receive subordinate conditions.

You will need a strong union that's working collectively to send a strong message to Red Cross Lifeblood. We can't let management proceed with these changes. 

The cuts in Lifeblood’s proposed National Agreement severely undervalue its staff. If we all work together we will be able to defend and improve your working conditions.

It's important to note that the proposed agreement will not currently apply to staff who are remaining on the state agreement. However, it does give some indication of how Red Cross Lifeblood may approach the state agreements when they are up for negotiation. 

Make sure you pass this update on to anyone you think might be affected under the proposed National agreement’s cuts to conditions and encourage them to join their union.

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