Recent media comments - Child Safety

Posted on November 30, 2018

You may have seen some recent media comments regarding the tragic incident on the Gold Coast.

Your work is already hard enough – you don't need ill-informed comments in the media that underplay the challenges that you, as under-resourced workers, face every day.

We have contacted the media to offer the real story of what life is like in Child Safety at the moment, and how Together members are working to improve it.

While we can't control what the media decides to run with, we wanted to ensure that members knew what your union is putting on the record.

Regardless of where the events occur, we know that this has an affect on Child Safety staff across the state. Please make sure to look after yourself and your co-workers during what can be a challenging time.

Your delegates and I will be meeting with Minister Farmer next week to continue to raise your concerns over the current offer from the Department that does not adequately address workloads, recruitment and retention and fair pay. The week after that, we have three dates in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to continue the conciliation process. As always, we will keep members informed once we hear any more.

Thank you for the work you do.

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