Re: A reminder

Posted on June 1, 2015

We have seen several emails this week from Mater management about ‘scenarios’ and examples for Ava, Charlotte and Jack.

But these are not the whole story for those staff.
A ‘cash  bonus’ and a very small increase to hourly rates is not enough to compensate you, or even to keep up.
Mater are pushing you to vote “yes” for a cash bonus. But why don’t they roll that in so you keep a real benefit?
And why do they want you to fall behind Queensland Health again?

The proposed agreement will take away your hard won conditions and only offers cuts and is not good enough.

Here are some of the reasons that your colleagues are voting NO. (Click through for a flyer of “why I’m voting no”)

The most important thing right now is to make it clear to the Mater how you feel about the offer on the table.  You can do this is four easy ways.

Make sure you vote: Don’t take it for granted that everyone else is going to vote, make sure that you make your voice heard and vote.

Tell us why you are voting NO by emailing

We need to be loud we need to be visible: make sure you wear your stickers saying we are voting NO and share them around so that we can have a sea of NO’s.

Share this communication with everyone in your area.

Join your union so that you can ensure that you are well informed and able to stand up against the Mater’s unfair agreement and tactics and say NO to this offer and join together with your colleagues to win a better deal. 

Let’s talk about “Ava”, what you didn’t hear was that when Ava has her baby she is going to lose 2 weeks of paid maternity leave and not get any paid parental leave from the federal government so she will be back at work before her baby is 3 months old. Ava has also been forced to work back to 7pm without any extra money for overtime or an evening shift penalty rate, this is really hard with child care because her centre closes at 6pm. Ava was also trying to save her long service leave for when her baby arrived but her manager directed her to take her leave early because it was more “operationally convenient” for Mater and their budget. Ava’s family is also losing money because her wage rise over the next 2 years has not kept up with cost of living increases.

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