Ramsay members - Negotiations for your new agreement have started

Posted on August 10, 2017

This week negotiations for your new Health Practitioner Agreement started.

Ramsay Management met with your union delegates and advised your union they wish to change the following in your agreement:

    • Removal of reference to Radiographers;
    • Update the list of facilities to include Southport and to re-name Short Street;
    • Amend the date of the Agreement;
    • New model consultation and flexi clauses;
    • Update compassionate leave clause to reflect NES;
    • Other changes as we go through the document to update and clarify.

Ramsay have outlined they will have more changes at negotiations progress.

This means that as union members, throughout the negotiations you will need to ensure that the conditions that matter to you are protected. Conditions like penalty rates, leave, consultation on changes at work, and wage rates – just to name a few.

Also worth noting that, your union has provided Ramsay this linked list of proposed changes.

To ensure that you as a union member are best placed to protect your conditions at work there are three things you need to do today:

  1. Have a final check of your union's list of proposed changes. To do that download the copy here and email you changes or additions to privatehealth@together.org.au
  2. Ask your colleagues who are not in the union to complete your survey and join your union – They can join online here – and complete the survey online here.
  3. Book a time to hold a union meeting on the EB process and way forward– For all administration staff in your area/team; by contacting your union organiser at Privatehealth@together.org.au 

There is a lot at stake in these negotiations, however if all staff come together, join your union and work as one collective group you will be in a better position to ensure that your wages and conditions are retained and improved.

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