Rally for mercy at the Mater! Thursday 12:30pm

Posted on September 23, 2015

Thanks to everyone who attended the rally earlier this month in support of Maintenance Services employees negotiating for a better deal. As you probably know, the Mater has also been trying to strip away entitlements in bargaining with Operational Officers, Nurses and Doctors. This follows the reduction in conditions experienced by administrative staff and HPs.

This Thursday 24 September from 12:30pm, employees from all occupational streams are invited to rally outside the Adult Hospital on Stanley Street. Together we will be sending a message to management that the Mater needs to start treating its employees with respect. Feel free to invite your colleagues and talk them about how being a member of the union gives them strength.

The only way the Mater will change their approach is when they realise that their health service can't deliver for patients without the support of all their employees. This is not an event you can attend in paid work time but if you can take your lunch break to be there then or come in your own time it is your chance to let the Mater know that their plans to reduce entitlements are unfair and their wage offers just aren't good enough.

It would be great to see you there if you can make it.

Let's ask Mater to live up to our great Mater values.

1800 177 244