Rally against education cuts!

Posted on May 10, 2017

It’s been a long held union value that education is fundamental to creating safe and healthy communities by providing pathways for productive learning, engagement and employment throughout our entire lives.

It’s been a long held value in your union to ensure that from early to higher learning, education is appropriately funded and respected. Anything short of this and we pledge to keep speaking up and voting for improvements. We also seek to work with others who share our values to achieve our goals.

So as another Federal LNP Government Budget is delivered, we witness once again cuts to federal funding and further under-investment of our schools, TAFE, and universities and as this news breaks, university students have invited us to support them in their protest to “Make Education Free Again”.  It also gives us an opportunity to express our disappointment in the lack of funding for VET and hikes to student fees.

If you have time to join us in your lunch break outside the Convention Centre (Cnr of Merivale and Melbourne Sts) on Wednesday 17 May, 2017between 12 – 2 pm to send a message to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, that Education is important to all of us and we will not stand by in silence as the LNP continues to cut support to Gonski (a needs based funding model in schools), VET and higher education, particularly where it negatively impacts on opportunities to access affordable quality learning and one which leaves students debt-ridden!   

To let us know that you will be joining us, and to ensure we have enough union flags at the rally email valda.graham@together.org.au.

1800 177 244