Raising the minimum wage

Posted on May 12, 2017

 Every year the Fair Work Commission runs an annual wage review that  determines whether the minimum wage should be increased  and by how  much. It's critical that the voice of union members is heard by the Commission.

After months of submissions and research the process is now coming to an end with public hearings in Sydney and Melbourne. Unions, big business and the government will meet with the Commission next week to discuss their pay claims. 

Stand with us, admin workers and Australian Unions in demanding better pay for better lives by signing up to this Thunderclap.

Big business and the government have made it very clear by asking for an increase less than inflation that they care more about profits than working people’s lives.

We need you now! The voices of politicians and big business leaders are powerful but they aren’t as powerful as workers in their unions. We can only secure better pay for admin and other workers who rely on the minimum wage if you get involved now.

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