Quick reminder for all Mater HPs

Posted July 25, 2014 by Dan and the Together Health Team

Yesterday a decision was made by Fair Work Australia that could have a big impact on your working conditions.

Instead of having a Mater-specific safety net with all your current working conditions and entitlements you will instead by covered by a generic set of conditions called the "Health Support Workers" Award.

What does this mean?

Mater management did not support our claim to have a Mater specific safety net to preserve your rights as they are now and further, in the hearing Mater management stated that no HPs had contacted them to 'agitate' to keep conditions, so clearly it wasn’t important to you.

If key working conditions and your rights are taken away, of course it is important! That’s why we need to remind Mater management that you rights and conditions are here to stay.

The Commissioner stated that your "concerns and objectives may be valid but should be pursued in the terms of your agreement".

This makes the process we are now engaged in – negotiating a new agreement for HPs at Mater – even more important.

It is now entirely up to all HPs at Mater to make sure that your conditions are not lost.

Mater management are saying you don’t care about these conditions and haven’t agitated for them – it is now time for members to make their voices heard about key working conditions or lose them.

That’s why your  HP delegates are asking you to send a letter to the Mater Chief Executive making it clear how important your conditions are to you.

You can download the letter here and send it back to mater@together.org.au. Please do this ASAP and remind colleagues to do the same!


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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