Quick HPDOCA EB Update!

Posted on October 8, 2019

Next week, your agreement expires on Wednesday 16 October; we’ve been told an offer is likely to be made in the next week or two. We have intensive negotiations going on right now.

Your Together HPDOCA bargaining team are doing everything we can at the bargaining table to argue for the best possible first offer. We’ve argued every one of our member claims over the last few months. It is the largest Log of Claims of member issues that Together members have ever put forward for this agreement, and so many of the claims are critical to our members. We’re receiving “not supported” responses to many of these very reasonable and important claims; but, we’re continuing to argue these claims and will see what comes through in the first offer.

Members have done an incredible job at the table to argue these claims, but at the end of the day we know that it will be union members taking action in workplaces that will change the outcomes of these negotiations.

Is your workplace EB action ready? 

It is union members who will stand up for improvements to pay and conditions and protect the existing provisions from cuts and reductions.

To be ready for action non-members need to join now so they can be part of the next steps regarding action. 

Members will have their say in coming weeks about what action will be taken, and how to get involved in that action to stand up for a good deal for HPDOCA members.

EB10 members have already shown last week that strong groups of union members in your workplace will make the difference in this EB campaign. This week make sure your workplace is union and EB action ready.

p.s. We are expecting QHs response to Clinical Assistants and Medical Phyisicsts and have been told this is imminent.  We will contact both groups with more information when it is received.

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