Quick Education Update

Posted on March 11, 2019

Thank you to the thousands of members who have voted in our poll asking about the next steps for bargaining.

98.5% of the members who have voted agree that we should be seeking to have the independent umpire step in at this point. There has been an extraordinarily high participation in the vote – clearly you all want to move on to the next step!

Sadly in the 9 months of negotiations the Department of Education have provided only one offer to settle our claims for improved wages and conditions, for safe workplaces, recognition of technical roles, recognition of higher level roles and for pay parity with Queensland Health.

As you know this offer was then withdrawn by the Department in December.

We had one last negotiation meeting today.

At this meeting the Department did not have any documents to share, they had no concrete proposals and it was clear that they are not going to produce any more offers. To say we were angry and disappointed was an understatement. Sharon, Rineke and Lis all advocated for members with passion, evidence and consideration as always. We also pointed out that the Department needs to look at the impact this process, the delays and the broken promises are having on the well-being of their workforce. That well-being is at an enormous low and they have a responsibility to do better.

We also pointed out that even if we are in arbitration, if the Department put forward a reasonable offer then Together members will consider it!

In December we were celebrating the breakthrough process on pay parity for therapists, translation to TO stream for laboratory technicians and improved on-call and safety procedures in the Office of Industrial Relations. We don’t want to see these matters lost in the next steps so we will once again press the department to make these items agreed matters in an arbitration.

We are back before the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission tomorrow.

I will report back after our conference which is at 2pm.

Just a reminder that work bans will be lifted as of tomorrow as we move to the next phase. Congratulations on the stand you have taken. Every day you make a difference to Queensland.

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