Queensland Health update on pay translation stages for Clinical Assistants

Posted on April 1, 2021

Yesterday your new Clinical Assistant pay came through, after years of members fighting for a stream that recognises your clinical work.

The Department of Health has split the payments into two stages:

Stage 1  - The translation from the OO stream to the CA stream occurred on the 31st March 2021, which included anyone who was previously receiving the Targeted Training Allowance. It will now be VETIA under the CA stream. This will be retroactively applied to employees from the 18th August 2020.

Stage 2 – The Department of Health has advised that the remaining CA pay entitlements will be implemented shortly after the 31st of March 2021. Like Stage 1, this Stage 2 payment will be applied retroactively from the 18th August 2020. The Department of Health and unions are negotiating the list of eligible qualifications to receive VETIA. This Stage 2 payment will be paid to:

  • CA employees entitled to VETIA who were not previously receiving Targeted Training Allowance.
  • CA employees who are eligible for the CA3 advancement entitlements (CA3-A1 and CA3-A2).

We knew there would be issues with the implementation. If you are not sure about your pay, you should do the following:

  1. Ask your local Together Union delegate what your pay should be. Your local delegate can help you calculate your translation.
  2. If you do not have a local Together Union delegate, you and members in your areas should elect one, and contact Gianni Sottile or Millicent Gray from your union office on health@together.org.au. We will provide resources to the delegate.
  3. If you find an issue with your Stage 1 pay, follow this flow chart to raise the issue and have it resolved.

Your Together delegates will continue to meet with the Department of Health, and will report back to members throughout the implementation process.

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