Queensland Health restructure: What will it mean?

Posted December 12, 2011 by Alex Scott

As you have probably heard, the Premier announced today that Queensland Health will be restructured into two separate agencies.

We are angry and disappointed that the Premier decided to announce the abolition of Queensland Health via media and twitter before consulting with workers.

We are still trying to learn more detail about this plan. At the moment, the government are telling us that:

  • The restructure will be implemented on 1 July 2012, following formal Cabinet approval scheduled for 23 January 2012;
  • Staffing numbers will not be reduced and all positions will be maintained;
  • The introduction of Local Health and Hospital Networks (LHHNs) will continue as planned;
  • Existing conditions and entitlements under the existing collective agreements will be maintained;
  • The future of salary sacrificing arrangements (the PBI status of the employer) for employees is unclear. We have asked to have further discussions on this point and the government have agreed to have discussions on this topic as a priority.

There is still plenty that we don't know about this plan, and we are trying to find more detail and get some commitment from the government about your important working conditions.

We have sought immediate commitments from the government in relation to job security, employment conditions and entitlements on behalf of Together members.

Queensland Health works because of the professionalism and dedication of tens of thousands of staff like you and that the service you provide is world-class. We want to ensure that none of your input is lost in a rushed restructure due to the error of senior managers and a fraud. Your work is so valuable to our community and we will be trying to ensure now that your voice is heard.

You have helped to build a strong union in Queensland Health. You have won strong collective agreements to build better working lives as you help our community.

Together we have the ability to make sure the government listens to you, its staff, and takes the importance of the work you do into account.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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