Queensland Health offer for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workers and Liaison Officers

Posted on November 14, 2019

Last night we were sent an offer from the Director General in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker and Liaison Officer Together members' claims for better pay and conditions. 

This offer responds to our claims for a new classification stream for Health Workers and Liaison Officers, and it also addresses our claims for better pay.

Click here to view last night's offer of your own new agreement

The offer delivers your own new Agreement which would contain your new pay stream. It also offers pay increases to better recognise the important work of our Health Worker and Liaison officer members.

Being able to win an offer of your own new agreement is significant. And our members will be at the table to work on developing the new stream and new agreement.

As the letter says, "In conjunction with Ms Haylene Grogan, Queensland Health's Chief Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Officer, Queensland Health is offering to work collaboratively with our union members in implementing this historic change"

You campaigned and won a new stream through EB10 negotiations and now have been also offered your own agreement with higher wages!

While it was previously the view of Together members that this stream should sit in the HPDO replacement agreement alongside other clinical streams (HPs/Dental Officers/Clinical Assistants), this is a significant offer that we feel should be considered by members.

We need to hear from you. 

To have your say please email health@together.org.au with your thoughts on the offer. We will need to respond to this offer in coming weeks and so would appreciate your feedback as soon as possible by Monday 26 November.  Your delegates will consider member feedback and continue to negotiate on the basis of the views of members.

The offer of better pay, your own stream and your own agreement is a significant offer. 

Congratulations to Together members who have campaigned during negotiations to get this far. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the offer.

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