Queensland Health have failed to complete their homework.

Posted on July 31, 2019

We are two months into negotiations for our EB agreement and Queensland Health have not provided complete or clear responses to our claims.

They have had ample time to do their own research and to prepare for each meeting yet we are frequently being told that they “need to do their homework” and will “get back to us". The Department of Health still haven’t received their approval to commence formal negotiations for the HPDOCA agreement.

Yesterday, we had a joint meeting between EB9 and HPDO2 members. We discussed leave and the claims relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members. All we have received in response to these claims is a commitment to further meetings about a couple of the items discussed. We are still waiting for firm responses.

Thank you to those who have been sending in their stories as supporting evidence to our claims. The next meeting for EB10 members will be on Tuesday, 6 August and the topics for discussion will be flexibility and welfare. Send in your stories by Friday, 3 August to health@together.org.au.

The next meeting for HPDOCA members will be on Tuesday, 13 August. This will be another combined meeting with EB10 members and we will be discussing wages. Send in your stories by Friday, August 9 to health@together.org.au.

Share this with your colleagues and ask them to join you. 

P.S There is a new FSR system being implemented and management have developed a Question and Answer Fact Sheet for S4/HANA (the replacement for FAMMIS). If you have any further questions about this project you can dial into the Statewide teleconference this afternoon at 3:00pm. Call 1300 590 084 and enter the pin: 834150# and follow the prompts.

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