Quarantine arrangements for AGCC

Posted on September 8, 2020

We had several inquiries from staff about altered quarantine orders that allow staff who have been placed on 14 days quarantine, to return to work at AGCC. Staff members are expected to take the most direct route to work (without stopping), and are expected to go straight home when they finish work.

Lots of members are asking; how would this work, how is this legal, is this SAFE?

We met with the department on Saturday and then, with both the department and QHealth again on Sunday. 

The video conference on Sunday consisted of staff from inside AGCC at present, delegates from AGCC (currently in quarantine), 2 deputy commissioners, 3 assistant commissioners, 2 chief superintendents, 2 superintendents and 3 QHealth personnel. 

It was made very clear that this "Home-Work Bubble" was QHealth's decision. AGCC has been deemed "very low risk" as it has been forensically cleaned, PPE has been made available to all staff and no additional positive cases have been discovered.

Of the 440 staff that were quarantined due to an “abundance of caution” (everyone on shift over the 3 days), almost 300 have been deemed low risk of transmitting the virus and are included in the Home–Work Bubble. These staff are required to travel straight to work and from work and should only stop for emergencies.

If they are required to stop for instance, to get petrol, they are encouraged to wear a mask, only stop for as long as necessary and use contactless payment where possible.

Though QHealth has stated that there are currently no further risks to members at AGCC, the Home-Work Bubble restrictions that they have provided are legal. The AGCC staff affected are encouraged to comply with them to ensure their safety. 

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