QSS: Where do you stand?

Posted on February 27, 2015

The changes to QSS are moving very quickly and while your Together QSS Delegates have secured commitments from QSS Senior Management to provide a "Blueprint" and their rationale of the new structure by March 17, their plans to restructure QSS positions remains unchanged.

Please complete the QSS Together employment survey here, by C.O.B Tuesday 3 March, so your Together team can gather a real snapshot of QSS and your thoughts.

Of the responses we have received so far, to the QSS employment survey, everyone has agreed the most effective way to have your voice heard is to work together as a group and support each other publicly.  A vital step in this is for everyone to be a member of their union. Ask your work mates to strengthen your influence, by joining your union and standing as one. They can do this here.

Delegates will be using the QSS employment survey results as guidance to determine your next action as a strong group of workers. If you haven’t already, please complete this survey and email your response to dsiti@together.org.au before Tuesday C.O.B. Make sure you ask everyone in your pod to complete the survey and send it in too.

Lastly, you can expect to hear from Together QSS Team in the next few days as we put some options to you for the coming weeks. Start thinking about what you and your colleagues are willing to do to stand up for job security, workload management and a healthy workplace. To stand up for fairness, respect and each other.

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