QPS update: 8 October

Posted on October 8, 2020

COVID-19 recognition

You would have all received an email from the Service last week calling for more volunteers to assist with COVID-19-related work.

We are continuing to follow up with the Service about recognising the work our members are doing during this time as we have not yet received an official response.

Admin reviews

We have been advised we should be receiving a response to our submission for those who should have been captured in stages one and two, a response to our letters regarding remaining AO2 roles and a response to our letter regarding the review of AO3 supervisory roles this week.

We believe the response will be supportive of continuing to deal with these matters as a priority.

As soon as we receive this information we will share it with members and identify what our next steps are in this process.

Comms rooms and Policelink

SOLVE/Hub rosters

We have provided the following feedback in relation to hub rosters proposed for the northern region.

As you may have seen the Service responded to members' feedback by sending an email out to all staff asking if you support a roster that is not industrially compliant and suggesting the only alternative would be a 12:00am to 8:00am shift. This email was totally inappropriate.

The Service cannot implement a roster that is not industrially compliant nor are they able to suggest your only other option is a shift that is against best rostering practices. As a result, we sought that the Service retract that advice sent to staff as a priority (you can see this here). However they did not, so on Friday we lodged a dispute in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Together members and delegates have been trying to work with the Service for months in developing a roster that is industrially compliant, fair and reasonable and meets service needs however the Service has failed to engage in genuine consultation, which has led us to where we are now. This is incredibly disappointing, we know that some of you have rosters in place that work really well for staff,are industrially compliant and meet the service demands. We know these came about due to genuine consultation at the local level. It is unfortunate this hasn’t occurred in other areas.

It is really important members know that you are not confined to the two options identified in the email sent on Friday – members can and have been identifying better rostering matrix’s that do not have you working on your day off or commencing your shift at midnight. So please do not feel they are your only two options!

Yesterday your delegate Jason Triviett, Cameron and I met with Scott MacQueen regarding the rosters and reiterated the importance of the rosters being industrially complaint, represent best practice fatigue management, fair and reasonable.

In addition to this we are currently in the process of starting to collate member feedback in relation to the proposed implementation of the SOLVE program.

We wrote to the Commissioner and sent a copy to the Minister regarding the proposed reduction of CRO roles. The Minister quickly reached out to found out exactly what had been proposed. We expect a response soon.

Higher duties

We emailed members last month about those who are working in higher duties and eligibility to apply for permanency. Don't forget to apply if you are eligible - here is what you need to know.

Election announcement

It was welcome news to see the recent announcement of more resources for QPS but we want to make sure members have a say in where the staff roles go. We will continue to update members as we know more.

Organisational change

SIFIC positions: early this year ongoing funding was secured for 121 temporary positions of which approximately 39 of those position were currently held by long term temporary employees. Disappointingly we saw the Service delay the conversion of this group of workers causing a lot of concern and uncertainty for these workers. The good news is Together Delegates and members stood together and demanded the Service meet their obligation to maximising employment security and we have seen this week those temporary employee receive offers of permanent appoint to their current roles. This is a great win for union members!

ICSC: members submitted feedback to the proposed organisational change or the combined changes to reporting with the newly combined commands.

The Service adopted some changes in line with member feedback but also elected to not adopt others. You can see a copy of our response here.

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