QPS update – 2 days COVID leave won by Together members

Posted on July 22, 2021

We know it has been a long time since our last update – we have been waiting to hear the final outcome of members efforts to be recognised for their important role in the COVID-19 health pandemic.

As you know it has been a long time coming since members were first informed of their colleagues being recognised for their COVID-19 efforts. We are very pleased to inform all members that your relentless campaigning, compelling stories of your experience and refusal to accept anything less than fairness has meant that your Commissioner has agreed to provide all staff members with two days COVID-19 leave in recognition for the role you have played in keeping Queenslanders safe. This is the same recognition your comrades in Education and Health received.

You can see a copy of the bulletin that outlines the application of the leave here.

This is a huge outcome and wouldn’t have come about without your efforts – well done!! Take a moment to congratulate each other – union members make a difference, you make a difference.

Stage 4 update

We have finalised the DAO role description and it was sent for evaluation on Tuesday – you can see a copy here.  We expect the evaluation process will take approximately two weeks but we will let you know as soon as we have an outcome.

We discussed the positions in QPS that have a supervisor-subordinate anomaly but are not a DAO role, - these are positions not in stations.

There has been some miss information where staff members have been told it is only those in stations that are being looked at – this is not true! It is anyone in the supervisory subordinate anomaly issue. If this is you and you have not yet let us know about your situation, please email police@together.org.au as soon as possible!

We are also getting ready to start the review of Station Client Service Officer position, we have been working closely with our members in these positions to determine the key accountabilities and prepare the updated role description (RD). If this is you and you haven’t got in contact yet, please do so now. We need to make sure no one is forgotten and that the proposed RD is accurate across the state as this is something that is checked during the process.

Roster clerks will then be next, however, we have already done a lot of the work on the preparation of key accountability with members who have been identified in those roles.

If you aren’t a member and you perform any of these roles we can not stress enough how important it is to be a union member at this time so you can have a voice in this process and ensure your role is accurately represented as we know there are differences across the state. You can become a member here

Domestic Violence – High Risk Team

Union members in the High Risk Team have had a win! The QPS have confirmed that the AO6 staff member positions will remain staff member positions rather than be converted to Senior Sergeant positions as proposed late last year and that the positions will be made permanent. We are now in the process of determining the appropriate recruitment process for these positions, this includes using the relevant industrial instruments to convert existing staff where appropriate.

We are planning to have a meeting to progress this next week and we will continue to provide members in this area an update.


As members in Policelink will be aware there is a roster review currently underway. There has been a little hiccup along the way where, the initially proposed roster, which was not Award compliant, was shared with staff without advising them of this issue. Subsequently, this has caused a lot of angst among staff. 

This does mean the proposed roster needs to be reviewed and adjusted for award compliance. Your delegates and Together representative will be meeting with Policelink to try and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

EOI/ Secondment process

We have been getting a lot of enquiries about the EOI/ secondment process. In particular, members are not being released and are having to seek approval prior to applying for EOI/secondments from their supervisors so we thought we would provide some clarity for members.

All requests should be genuinely considered and every effort should be made to release staff. However, at times there may be a genuine reason why a person is unable to be released, this should be clearly articulated to the staff members including the specific reason why the request can not be approved. No one should be unreasonably refused or refused without reason.

There is also no requirement to seek approval prior to applying for EOI’s and secondments. Yes, you should talk with your supervisor about your intentions and a lot of this should be covered in your regular PDA’s in order. While this ensures that you have a shared understanding and means that your supervisor can support you as much as possible, it is not seeking approval and is not mandatory.

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your union and we can talk about your situation. Email police@together.org.au.

Protective Services Update

Change of Location within 24 hours

At the Consultative Committee last week a robust discussion was had with PSG management regarding members’ entitlement to claim double time when directed to a change of location within 24 hours of their shift commencing. It had come to our attention that members were being denied their double-time claims and were not being afforded the ability to escalate the matter.

Officers are entitled to claim double time for a shift if they are directed to change location within 24 hours of a shift starting and that change is not from one Brisbane CBD location to another. If you are being asked to change location and wish to claim double time for that shift, respond to the request with “I am happy to do it if you direct me to”.

If you have tried to claim double time for a shift location change in the past year and have been denied your claim please contact your union organiser Cameron at police@together.org.au

EBA Review Update

During your last Enterprise Bargaining negotiations, members won an organisational review during the life of this agreement. Delegates and representative members have started to meet with PSG management and the review is now underway.

The first major body of work for the review committee will be the Rank and Classification of operational members within PSG. Soon, we will be reaching out to members for your feedback on the key accountabilities associated with your roles and the regular tasks you undertake.

We will also be looking at the rostering of RDOs and the remuneration of specials in the coming months. Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 27, an update will be sent out shortly after.

Overtime Shift SMS Alerts

There has been some confusion amongst members as to whether PSOs can take on overtime shifts advertised for an SPSO. It has been confirmed with PSG management that if you receive an SMS alert for an overtime shift you are able to put yourself forward for it. If you are a PSO taking on an SPSO shift you will still only be paid at the PSO rate for single shifts as it doesn’t meet the requirements for Higher Duties as per the EBA.

Recognition of higher duties, in these situations, may be something members want to consider bargaining around in next year's collective bargaining process.

As always, if you have any further questions about the update provided, please don't hesistate to contact us by emailing police@together.org.au

1800 177 244