QPS to steal shift workers' Christmas?!

Posted December 4, 2013 by Together Queensland

This Christmas is going to be a little less merry for your workmates (unsworn and sworn) who do continuous shift work. This is thanks to a mean-spirited decision to take away a long held custom and practice in the QPS to grant shift workers a concessional day over the Christmas period. The QPS is saying they don't have so we won't - how is that for Christmas spirit?

Click here to download a picture to put at your desk to oppose the QPS's decision to steal Christmas for shiftworkers

Why should shift workers receive a concessional day?

  1. You work hard;
  2. you are loyal to the QPS and to your community that you serve;
  3. you work shift work, which to be frank means that your poor family never know if they are going to have you this Christmas or the next;
  4. working shift work has proven health impacts and the compensation in pay and leave hardly makes up for it; and
  5. you donate time by coming into the office before your shift and leaving often well after the end of your shift.

Help us send a message too that you want a merry Christmas for all QPS staff. Print off this picture and display it at your desk!

The Queensland Police Union and Together office are looking at challenging this outcome in the Industrial Relations Commission but you can make a difference by sharing this photo with your colleagues and friends.

If you have been transferred to another agency and no longer work in QPS please update your details here


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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