QPS - October Update

Posted on October 22, 2021

We are coming to the end of the year very quickly and there is still plenty happening with many opportunities for members to achieve more great outcomes before the end of 2021.

Stage 4 Admin Reviews 

We have good news on the stage 4 admin reviews. The executive briefing note for the review of the Divisional Administration Officer roles has been progressed from the committee through for approval by the Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner. The joint review committee has done an amazing job at getting all the information together and preparing the executive brief for the Commissioner. We do not have a timeframe for how long this step in the process will take but we know the QPS is committed to keeping this stage progressing as quickly as possible.

I also met with QPS today to go through the list of the other supervisory positions, we have a little bit more work to do here but we are almost there. Once this list is finalized and, the briefing note prepared, we will let members know.

Our step will be to commencing the review of the roster clerk positions and then the station client service officer positions. We will of course continue to provide updates to our members in these roles as we move forward.

Comms Rooms and Policelink

Comms LCC

Our next LCC is on the 11th November at 10am. We currently have the following matters on the agenda:

  • Overtime levels - Concerns about the ongoing significant overtime needs and the unfilled shifts creating workload and fatigue issues for members
  • Acoustic shock – checking of PCC equipment to ensure it is functioning correctly.
  • Gympie PCC - Duties allocation
  • Comms review 
  • Comms roster review 
  • Optimization report

If there are any other local issues that you have concerns about and have been unable to resolve, then please email police@together.org.au and your delegates and union representatives may be able to raise them in this forum for resolution. 

Policelink LCC

We are currently confirming the date for the next Policelink LCC and are intending to have one more before the end of the year.

If you have any matters that you would like to see raised in this forum please email them through to police@together.org.au


The next QPS ACC is on the 30th November and currently we have the following matters on the agenda for discussion

  • Stage 4 Admin Review Update
  • EB Reviews
  • Organisational Change Matters
  • Yamanto Comms
  • Intel/Covert Command
  • Road Safety Camera Office

If you have any matters that you would like to see raised in this forum please email them throguh to police@together.org.au and your delegates and union representatives may be able to raise them in this forum for resolution.

Protective Services Group Update 

PSG Review

The PSG Service Delivery Model Review is well underway, with the next meeting to occur in early November. This means the review of roles and classifications will be commencing shortly. Thank you to all those members who expressed interest in being part of the review and provided information around your key accountabilities. We have received a lot of feedback for the following roles:

It would be great to get more information from members in the following roles so that we can ensure we have an accurate understanding of your current key accountabilities prior to progressing to the evaluation stage.

  • Security Operations Officer
  • Client Liaison Officers
  • SPSO Mobile Patrols
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Operations Security Coordinator

We will continue to keep members updated as we finalise this information for each role and progress to the evaluation stage.  

It is also important to remember that along with the review of roles there will also be review into the rank structure of PSG and the rostering and remuneration of Specials. This review was an important win for members in your last Certified Agreement, it is important that we hear from members on all the matters being reviewed to ensure the best possible outcome, so please continue to send through any feedback you have to police@together.org.au  

A report back will be sent out after the next meeting. 

PSG Consultative Committee

Your next Consultative Committee is in the first week of November. This is a forum for Together Members to have their concerns raised with management in a constructive and collaborative way.

We currently have the following matters on the agenda:

  • Uniforms – with PSG currently reviewing the uniform worn by our members it is important you get a say in any changes.
  • Workplace health and safety concerns raised by members
  • The Working for Queensland Survey

If there are any other local issues that you have concerns about and have been unable to resolve at the local level then please email police@together.org.au and your delegates and union representatives may be able to raise them at the consultative committee for resolution. 

Shift changes within 24 hours

As reported back from the last Consultative Committee members it is important that members are claiming their entitlement regarding a shift change with less than 24 hours notice. Members are entitled to claim double time for a shift if they are directed to change location within 24 hours of a shift starting and that change is not from one Brisbane CBD location to another. If you are being asked to change location and wish to claim double time for that shift, respond to the request with “I am happy to do it if you direct me to”.

If you have tried to claim double time for a shift location change in the past year and have been denied your claim please contact your union organiser Cameron at police@together.org.au

Your EBA expires next year

Your Certified Agreement expires on 30 June 2022 and bargaining will commence in the new year. We will be formulating members’ Log of Claims over the coming months through consultation. Your log of claims is the document that outlines what changes and improvements members want to see to make their working lives better. A log of claims survey will be going out to members soon. 

Remember only Together members get a say in your Agreement and only union members can be actively involved in the process.  


Vaccine reactions

QPS have committed that no employee would be disadvantaged if they experienced a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccinead and are unable to work since the introduction of mandatory vaccinations for staff. We understand there has been unclear messaging around what this would look like in a practical sense with some staff members being told to apply for sick leave and others, Workcover, and some special leave. We have been able to confirm with QPS the have committed to the following process,

    • Members should advise their supervisor if they are experiencing a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine and are unable to work, and apply for sick leave if they have it, if you do not you should apply for special pandemic leave.
    • You should then lodge a workcover claim for the period of time you are unable to work due to the reaction from the COVID-19 vaccine you have received. 
    • Once your workcover claim is approved, you will have your sick leave recredited.
    • QP have confirmed they are ensuring 100% of earnings will be afforded for these workcover claims that are approved. 

Superintendent, Terry Lawrence, will be ensuring all managers and OIC’s are provided this information to ensure consistency across QPS when managing these matters; however, if you have issues in your workplace please get in touch and we can work through it as quickly as possible.

If you know someone who is not currently a union member, talk to them about the important things members are working on and encourage them to join online today so they can have their say and help make your union strong!

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