QPS November update

Posted on November 9, 2020

Communication Operators 


In case you missed it here is the recent update on the roster meeting.

You should have received your roster for the December period on Friday. We received them at the same time as you and are still going through them. We will be checking all the rosters for industrial compliance and will automatically raise any issues of this nature with the Service. With this in mind the other equally important factor with rosters is maximising rostering best practice in line with operational demand and given that rosters are also reflective of special requests and agreed changes, we need you to specifically identify if you have concerns about your own roster. To do this please email Cameron and I at police@together.org.au and we will work with you to resolve your concerns.

The Service committed on Friday that they are prepared to keep working with Together members on this issue.

Vacant positions - Last month we received a response from your Commissionerin relation to the decision not to fill the existing 11 vacant communication operator positions. Last week we sent this response to your Commissioner requesting a meeting to discuss our concerns. 

SOLVE framework 

Your employer provided this response to members feedback. What are you thoughts? Do you have additional questions or concerns? 

SIFIC organisational change 

Members raised additional concerns about the ongoing implementation of this organisational change process. You can see members concerns and the Service's response to those concerns here. What do you think? If you have addition feedback, question or concerns about the Service's response please let me know by emailing police@together.org.au 


The next LCC is going to be during the week of the 23rd November. Can you please send through any agenda items by COB Friday 13 November to police@together.org.au 

The Service has come back to us regarding the concerns raised about the size of the carparks. 

Admin reviews 

Stage 1&2 – those identified in the mop up should be receiving their back pay etc in the coming pays which is great!

  • Delegates have potentially identified some additional members that potentially should have also been included so we are engaging with the Service about those specific situations with those members. 

Stage 3 – we had the first meeting last week which went really well. The Service will be providing the committee with the list of the remaining AO2s and their existing role descriptions.

  • As per the letter from the Commissioner we are commencing with the review of the AO2s in prosecutions and then continue to progress through all other AO2s.
  • We will be meeting fortnightly from here on in, with the next meeting being 19 November. We will provide a report back to members after each meeting.
  • It was acknowledged that there is a lot of work to do between now and the end of the year and all parties are very committed to getting it done.
  • Your delegates on this committee are Vicki Ryan and Jess Gorman.

Stage 4 – we have engaged the Service around insuring the preparations are done so that once Stage 3 is finalised we can immediately commence on Stage 4. This is likely to be in the new year – remember it needs to be completed by the end of March.

  • Preparation for us will mean having the terms of reference agreed, a meeting scheduled for the start of next year, our working party identified and a list of members ready to go.

Two weeks leave 

Now that we know the results of the state election we will be re-engaging with the Service about progressing the recognition of Together members during the COVID-19 health pandemic – more to come on this soon. 

Police Consultative Committee 

The next meeting is 24 November, please send through agenda items by COB Friday 13 November to police@together.org.au 

Maximising employment security 

A quick reminder about the recently updated employment directives – if you have any questions about you situation please do not hesitate to either email your union at police@together.org.au or call 1800 177 244. 

Casual employment (Directive 08/20)

Fixed term temporary employment (Directive 09/20)

Higher Duties (Directive 04/20)

1800 177 244