QPS Comms - Rosters and Solve framework update

Posted on November 6, 2020

It has been three weeks since our conference in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission regarding the roster issues. Yesterday we had the last meeting of the roster working group prior to the publication of the December roster. In good news the Service have accepted their need to ensure rosters are industrially compliant and that includes the inability to roster ordinary hours on rest days. They have also agreed to amend the naming conventions to avoid this and any future confusion.

PSBA have asked the Service to send PSBA copies of rosters as they are developed so they can check them to ensure the published versions on Friday are as correct as possible.

The Service will also send them through to your union as soon as they are ready but they may not get them finished and finalised by PSBA much before Friday.

Scott MacQueen also committed to sending a communication out to all comms centres reconfirming that the Service are not instructing individuals to be rostered for 8 hours straight call taking and that centres can continue to manage that role among staff as they currently do (i.e. splitting the task across operators).

Well done to all Together Delegates and Members for being engaged in this process and for supporting each other across the state to ensure everyone is able to access their industrial entitlements to have fair and reasonable rosters that meet the service demand, work life balance and fatigue management for workers.

We have also received a response from the Service in relation to members feedback on the information provided about the SOLVE framework – you can see a copy of that here.

With this we want to hear you feedback – do you have additional questions or concerns? Please email your feedback to police@together.org.au

1800 177 244