QLD Health Continuous Shift Workers: Have your say

Posted on September 27, 2017

In the drafting of your agreement last year, Queensland Health tried to rush through changes to the whole days off provisions for continuous shift workers. Union members called for and won a review of the whole days off provisions as part of the agreement.  

You won this so now we need to hear from any administration or operational officers who work continuous shifts. If this doesn’t apply to you, remember we are always here to help with rostering practices in your workplace.

Take this survey to have your say and help delegates better understand the trends and issues that matter to you.

Your expertise and views on your shifts will inform Together delegates negotiations with Queensland Health around the matter.

Click here to do the survey - it will take up to 20 minutes. Your responses will be treated confidentially and no individual respondents will be able to be identified. 

Feel free to send this survey to other members who might not have received the email.

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