QLD Health are dragging the chain

Posted on August 17, 2016


We know you are all busy so we will try and keep this brief!

Yesterday we spent hours and hours with Queensland Health negotiators however we still don’t have any certainty about what their position is. 

We're the people in the room putting our case and we need your help before next week.

Queensland Health still haven't "costed" all our proposed improvements so they can't give us the answers we need. It's slow going and really not good enough given we have just two weeks to go on our current agreement.

We hope that next week we can make some real progress and actually get to the bottom of the issues around consultation about change, contracting out and workplace health and safety.

Technically these are "non-cost" items but if we don’t get this right it could cost us our jobs.

This is where we need you - tell us your stories. 

Next week we want to be able to describe what happens on the ground when jobs are contracted out.What happens to service levels? What happens to costs? How does it work? Send an email tohealth@together.org.au or reply to this email with your stories. We'll make sure they are heard.

Thanks for all you are doing.

In Union,

Lyn & Vicki
Administration Officers and part of your EB9 Delegate Committee Together


PS: It's only those of us who are union members standing up for a fair deal and stopping a "race to the bottom" from QH. Make sure your colleagues join you as a member.

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