QIRC has rejected 12/12 Application

Posted on May 21, 2020

The 12/12 Decision has finally been handed down and the Commission has rejected our Application. You can see a copy here.

The Decision is a technical one that rules the Directive only applies where remuneration and conditions of employment set by the Directive are more favourable than the Award. On that basis the Full Bench says that you can not simply compare the Award and Agreement pay rates, you also have to compare the improved progression arrangements in the Agreement. The evidence was that at the expiry of the Agreement the improved progression and pay was better than the Award.

It is a disappointing decision and does nothing to address the fact that basegrade QCS Corrections Officers are the lowest paid in the country.

Where to from here?

Now that the Decision is handed down we can progress with timetabling the arbitration. QCS must make application for a directions hearing by Monday afternoon.

In the meantime we will be seeking advice from our lawyers on prospects for appealing the Decision.

Your elected conference delegates are holding an emergency videoconference tonight to consider the Decision and discuss the next steps.

A full brief will be sent in coming days.

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