Custodial Corrections: QIRC application for interim pay rise.

Posted on August 17, 2021

Yesterday your union office lodged on behalf of Corrections members an application with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for an interim pay rise of 2.5% for all those currently on 1.1 – 1.7 from 1 September.

See that application here.

In June the National Wage Case was handed down and all federal awards were raised 2.5% - see the link here to that decision.

The State Wage Case which affects your award will be handed down shortly and usually follows the National Wage Case. If that trend continues this year, those staff on 1.8 and above would be granted a 2.5% pay rise on 1 September in line with the award but due to the delay in the 12/12 decision all those on 1.1 – 1.7 would receive nothing.

This is why we have taken the steps to lodge for an application for the interim pay rise. We will keep you updated with how this progresses.

This does not mean that we are agreeing that a 2.5% payrise is enough, members have already rejected the Government’s offer of a 2.5% payrise and that stands. That’s why we are continuing with the 12/12 Application and arbitration if a better offer isn’t made. This application simply makes sure you don’t slip further behind in the meantime.

Corrections members are the last group of public servants in the current round of bargaining to receive a pay increase through your EB. The department could however just consent and all staff would receive a 2.5% pay rise effective 1 September. Management must recognise the important work you do to keep Queenslanders safe and pay you accordingly.

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