QBFP November Update

Posted on November 29, 2018

After members raised that some union members, undertaking work bans, had been restricted from weekend work, which has resulted in a loss of pay; we contacted the Acting Deputy Director-General to seek urgent clarification regarding the Patrol’s directions.

We believe this is retaliatory action against union members taking protected industrial action and a breach of good faith bargaining principles and legislation. Once we hear from the Department we will let members know. This is a matter your union office takes very seriously and we will continue to pursue it.

We also note that the Department has sent out a FAQ document regarding their current offer. The fact that they are putting out information like this means that your industrial action is having the effect it is supposed to have – that it is making the Department nervous and they are sending you more information and reacting to you.

We are also seeking through the central negotiations to have another agency negotiation with DAF senior officers and the Office of Industrial Relations. We believe this meeting will be held very soon.

The claim around superannuating your weekend work has been a difficult one, with significant flow-on effects, and at our last member teleconference we discussed other ways that may be able to address the issue of increasing base pay (which would of course include superannuation).

Unfortunately, Minister Furner hasn’t responded to your letter from earlier this month. This lack of response is disappointing and offensive to you as workers in the Minister’s department. We are following up with the Minister’s office but, to date, they have been unresponsive.

Send an email to Minister Furner to ask him to respond to your letter by emailing agriculture@ministerial.qld.gov.au and CC inOlivia.hill@together.org.au.

Please join a member teleconference on Tuesday 4th December at 9am. Details below:

Dial 1800 896 323 or (07) 3036 8888

Participant Code: 95792720

As previously noted, while the Together office has made significant contact to the media throughout your campaign, unfortunately what the media decide to report on – or don’t – is up to them. We acknowledge this is frustrating for members when they are undertaking significant industrial action.

We know protected industrial action, like your work bans, can be difficult for members. You are a staunch, strong union group – and you will improve your working lives because of it.

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