QANTAS Update - June 2017

Posted on June 16, 2017

Over the past week your Together Delegates have been meeting with management on a number of key and important issues.

Your union’s strength with these disputes/meetings is established by your activity in your workplace as union members, if you know a non member – ask them to join with you, because you and your colleagues are stronger together.

PLE Dispute on Level 4 wages

Last Friday, your union met with Qantas management to seek a way forward on the PLE pay dispute. The petition and data collected assisted in pushing the case that the function of Premium Check-in should be considered a level 4 function.

Your union has put a position to Qantas management that - the Premium Check-ins should be level 4 or should be considered an extension of the lounge function - given that you reported the following:


Qantas have taken your union position away and are due to respond on this matter this week. Your union delegates have successfully met requirements of section 15 of your ASU EB11 - surrounding dispute resolution and if the issue is not resolved the next steps is to lodge a dispute in the Fair Work Commission.

When your union delegates have more information on this matter, you will be updated by email/SMS.


Consultative Forum With Darsh / Qantas management

Yesterday your union delegates Kim Trimble and Pat Rahmann along with your union organiser Billy Colless met with Darsh and senior BNE management to raise concerns you have been sending to your delegates around the following issues:

PLE feedback raised with Qantas:

  • Current check-in counter in the PLE needs to be replaced due to design faults (lack of space and ability to complete tasks like feeding tickets). Qantas is reviewing the setup and should have a result by 15 June 2017 - your union delegates will be involved in the outcomes of this review.
  • Temperature of PLE - your union raised this WHS issue and Qantas have outlined the temperature in this space will be set at 24 degrees.
  • Standing for long periods - your union raised this issue and sort that the WHS issue is addressed in the redevelopment of the space/desks at check-in

Concerns from Qantas lounge staff:

 Your union delegates gave feedback on the following

  • that the lack of coverage in the rosters places the staff under pressure.  
  • The P/T roster has been cut to the bone and the members feel those on the Lounge's roster should be offered extensions - Qantas accepted this outlining that Lounge staff will be offered extensions first.
  • Standing - your union has asked for the 2 hr rotation and that rotation is between standing and sitting not simply moving staff to another standing role. 
  • The recent roll ups to FT and the selection process - your union has asked to be involved in the review of this trial. 

Single Dollar Extensions/Overtime Issues

Your unions is in the process of formally starting dispute with Qantas on the single dollar shifts in replace of overtime by mutual agreement. Stay tuned for the next update on this issue.


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