QANTAS - Good news for part time staff!

Posted on September 20, 2017

Good news: part time staff will receive more hours because of your union delegates, who have negotiated a fair outcome on QANTAS’ proposal to employ 5-10 Fixed Term (Temporary staff).

Your delegates advised QANTAS, that your union position was to see current staff absorb the hours rather than employ more temporary staff.

QANTAS agreed and provided the following response – see here.

This is good news for part time staff! If you know a part time staff member who is not a union member, forward this email and share the news with them.

Being a union member ensures that all staff have one organised voice when negotiating with QANTAS. When staff are organised and active in their union, conditions at work improve and are safeguarded. Make sure you ask your work mates to join your union.


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