Qantas announce potential redundancies

Posted on August 4, 2017

Qantas Airports has today announced a decision to centralise its Workforce Planning (WFP) function into the Qantas Campus in Mascot, Sydney. As a result of this decision, up to 101 ASU covered positions in ports across Australia may become redundant. Eighteen of these will be located in Brisbane.

Update:  Click here to see the latest information about the announcement from the ASU national office.

See a copy of the letter and FAQ's your union received here

Your union is currently preparing to lodge a dispute in the Fair Work Commission to vigorously protect your provisions in the ASU EBA 11 surrounding change management and consultation.

Specifically -

54.1.1 which states that the company and your union will work together to manage all necessary staff redundancies in a manner aimed at minimising the need for redundancies, only after these means have been exhausted will a redundancy program be embarked upon.

54.2 states that before implementing compulsory redundancy Qantas will investigate and provide information and consult with the ASU on many key areas.

If you or one of your colleagues are affected by this decision today - do not walk alone though this process, below your union has listed 3 critical steps to supporting each other at work.

  1. Contact your Union Delegates early.
      • to know your legal entitlements, as per your agreement,
      • check all calculations when you receive the statement, to ensure you have been correctly taxed.
  2. Find alternatives - Speak with your colleagues and union delegates to explore alternatives to redundancy.
  3. Look out for each other - dealing with stressful times at work is tough when you face it alone, reach out to your union delegates and support each other through this process.

When your union delegates know more information, we will circulate - if you have more information don’t assume your union delegates are aware of it - forward it to

1800 177 244