Public Trust Restructure - your voice together

Posted on February 12, 2020

Firstly, thank you to all those who were able to attend yesterday’s union meeting and welcome to those members who recently joined to make sure Public Trust staff have a strong voice to ensure the consultation meets the needs of members.

Important follow up Union meeting - Member Vote.

When - 10am, Thursday 13th February, Level 4 Meeting Room.

Also, thanks to the regions for dialling in and while I understand it is sometimes difficult to participate, it is vitally important our regional colleagues are heard.

The meeting's purpose was to hear members concerns, how best we articulate those to the Public Trust Office Executive Leadership Team and get the responses you deserve. Together Union members have a proven track record that when you join together and support each other, you can make positive change and that meaningful consultation makes for a more responsive and productive workplace.

This consultation must, to be effective, be about the opportunity for workers to have input to and influence decisions that impact their working life.  

As part of this consultation process your union delegates sought and were granted an extension of a week and asked a series of questions regarding the proposal.

So here are the next steps:

On Thursday a further members meeting will take place. This is strictly a members meeting as a vote will take place on whether the information provided so far and the response to the questions are adequate and provide members with all the information to make an informed decision.

As we spoke about in yesterdays meeting this is an opportunity to get together and support each other and make sure that any change is a positive one for both workers and your clients.

Further, many questions came from the floor at yesterdays meeting, some of these may or may not be answered in the response from the Public Trust Office but suffice to say make sure you have your questions or clarifications ready. You can send them by return email to your local Together union delegate or to your organiser so that we can make sure we are in the best position to put all issues forward. There may be some questions of an individual impact nature and we can provide advice and support to those members if needed.

Numbers will be important to make sure that our collective voice is effective. Please share this with those who are yet to join your union and they can sign up to take part in the vote as well. 

For members on leave, in the regions, or who cant attend on Thursday please click here and vote on whether the response to the questions sought by union members are adequate and provide members with all the information to make an informed decision and provide meaningful feedback.

For those who are not sure whether they can make it and want to make sure they vote, they can use the voting button but still come along on Thursday to add support and discuss the issues for PTO workers.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at or your fantastic union delegates if you have any questions or feedback.

1800 177 244