Protective Services: Together member wins super back pay for casual and part time staff!

Posted on November 13, 2018

You may have received an email from Protective Services management, informing casual and part time officers that additional employer super contributions will be made into their accounts. This has occurred because of the actions taken by one of your colleagues, a Together union member, to ensure they were being paid the correct amount of superannuation from Protective Services.

For some time Specials and other shifts that attract overtime payments have not attracted superannuation contributions for casual and part time officers as the Service did not consider these shifts to be ordinary time earnings. Upon review by the Australian Tax Office, Employer superannuation contributions will now be paid on these earnings and members should be receiving contributions for superannuation not paid on these earnings in the past.

At this stage it is expected that super will be back paid until July 2016. If you believe you have not been receiving the correct amount of superannuation as a casual or part time employee with Protective Services please contact your organiser, Cameron Watson: It is because of the actions of a Together member that these super contributions can now be recovered and your union is committed to ensuring members recover every dollar they are owed.

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